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Board Works Froth 5’6” Shortboard
Board Works Froth 5’6” Shortboard

Board Works Froth 5’6” Shortboard

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Froth Soft-top Surfboards

We're not just another foam board, We're a Froth!

Froth is not to be confused with a Storm Bandit, Catch Wave or Liquid Beater boogie board things. The Froth’s start out as a rigid epoxy boards with a real maple stringer in the center and a resin hot-coat wrapped with a premium soft HDPE outer skin. The high impact areas of the nose and tail are built with a high density EVA on the nose and tail block for extra safety and durability. Froth’s also come with real Future fin boxes and fins. Not pull through rubber fins. So weather your just starting out or want to charge your local shore break we have all your sizes covered. Now you have the run down on the world’s best softboard. Don’t forget to use a light coating of wax for extra traction for that real wave feel. See you in the water.